Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fat Alley Hot Sauce?

We started our hand crafted production in 1997 for Fat Alley BBQ, Robbie O'Dell's southern themed restaurant in Telluride Colorado. We are a Colorado proud small batch hot sauce with a full mouth flavor that ignites your taste buds. Read more on our about page or contact us for more information.

Is this sauce a good gift?

It certainly last longer than a bottle of wine! Our hot sauce is not only a great gift for your sauce lover, it's also a perfect party gift for a host/hostess. A gift of wine or beer is easily emptied in an evening but a bottle of our sauce will last much longer (depending on their level of sauce addiction).

I love putting your sauce in my burritos! Any other recommendations?

We recommend trying it on any food that needs an enhancing kick of awesomeness! Here is a list of ideas for those new to our sauce:
  • eggs done any style
  • meats
  • pho
  • curries
  • sautéd vegetables
  • soups
  • stews
  • salads
  • pizza (yes, pizza!)
If you have a favorite item to put our sauce on, please share it with us on social media or contact us...we'd love to feature your picture or recipe!

I'd love to know what your nutrition label looks like. Can you share a picture of it?

No problem! Here is the full label from our 10oz bottle. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Do you ship outside of the US?
We currently only ship to the contiguous states, but we are happy to make exceptions! Please send us a message if you are looking to ship someplace special.

My question isn't answered here. What should I do?
If you have a question for us, please send it to us!